Packing is Such a Drag

Here I am, the night before embarking to Australia, sitting on my bed that is littered with things that should be in my backpack. I’ve been off work sick with an ear infection which started last week, I’m currently on antibiotics which seem to be helping but my ear still feels like there is a lot of pressure on it. Praying that it will be fine by tomorrow night before the monster trip. Pff, hearing is overrated, right?! (kidding, please dont jinx me I need my ears for djing)

So far I have stuck with the “two of each” philosophy with packing i.e. 2 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses, 2 shirts etc, which should last me the 4 weeks. Apparently Brisbane is flooding currently which is a bummer, at least the weather in Dubai will guaranteed sunshine. Most of my backpack is full of presents for family/friends out there, i stocked up on Scottish delights such as Tunnocks teacakes, tablet, shortbread and er… Haribo to hand out. Let’s hope border security at the airport dont confiscate it, weve all seen Nothing to Declare…

As far as airport time passing is concerned I have 4 books (Richard Bransons Autobiography, some Dan Brown one and a couple of chic lits) to read and every Breaking Bad on my laptop, as well as several films.

Its getting late, I think I will just move these things aside and deal with packing tomorrow. See you on the other side!


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